Please Note: The following timeline is for illustrative purposes only; this is not intended as legal advice. Individual transactions can and will vary.

Please see the NJ Consumer Information Statement for a detailed explanation of Agency Relationships in NJ.

Typical Buyer Timeline

Let the search begin! Then, after we find the place you want to call home...

  • Buyer submits an Offer to Purchase (typically includes an Offer to Purchase Form or completed Contract of Sale, a copy of the buyer’s mortgage pre-approval, and a good faith deposit)
  • Contracts are signed once terms are agreed upon by the buyer and the seller
  • Buyer has 3 days to get the contract to his/her attorney for review (see Sales Contract for further description of attorney review)
  • Attorney Review Period (conclusion of attorney review depends on issues to resolve and the timeline for each attorney)
  • Post Attorney Review:
    • Buyer must schedule home inspection
    • Buyer applies for the mortgage (not the pre-approval)
    • 2nd deposit is due
  • Home Inspection Report and Repair requests, if any, are submitted by the buyer’s attorney to the seller’s attorney (typically due within 10-14 days after the conclusion of attorney review)
  • Mortgage company will order appraisal
  • Mortgage commitment is due typically 30 days after attorney review concludes
  • Buyer obtains homeowner’s insurance
  • Buyer’s attorney orders title search and survey (if applicable)
  • Buyer’s attorney coordinates loan closing documents with the lender.
  • Closing date is coordinated between the two attorneys, seller, buyer and lender
  • Buyer conducts final walk-through after the seller has vacated the property, typically on the day of closing
  • Any funds buyer brings to the closing must be in the form of a bank or certified check, not a personal check

Buyer should expect to be present at the home inspection, the final walk-through and the closing.

Average time from contract signing to closing is approximately 60 days. This can vary due to seller’s moving plans, inspection issues, title questions, or delays from the lender. Buyer should be aware that a closing date indicated in a signed contract can and often does change. We are with you every step of the way!

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