Jersey City Neighborhoods

Since Jersey City is so large, you may find it easier to search via neighborhood or zip code. (Please note: some zip codes overlap neighborhood boundaries.)

The boundaries of Jersey City’s neighborhoods are not exact. They have evolved over decades as individual cities became established, cities merged or were incorporated, the population grew, and transportation systems were established.

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Generally, downtown Jersey City is the neighborhood that many think of first, since it is the closest to Manhattan. The Downtown area is east of the Turnpike Extension (78), and includes Hamilton Park, Harsimus Cove, Newport, The Powerhouse Arts District, Exchange Place, Paulus Hook, Grove Street, and Van Vorst Park.

Transportation includes the PATH (Newport/Pavonia, Grove Street, Exchange Place); The Light Rail, and various Ferry terminals.

Zip Code 07302

The Heights

Southern border is Highway 139 (entrance to The Holland Tunnel); northern border is Union City; eastern border is Hoboken.

The Western Slope is the Heights neighborhood West of Kennedy Blvd.

Transportation includes the PATH (Journal Square), the Light Rail, and bus service.

Zip code 07307

Journal Square

Borders Downtown, The Heights, Bergen-Lafayette, and The West Side. Also includes the neighborhood of McGinley Square, which is becoming its own destination due to development of the old Jersey City Medical Center into The Beacon.

Transportation includes the PATH station (bus and train).

Zip code 07306


Borders downtown, Liberty State Park, Journal Square, and The West Side.

Transportation includes the Light Rail and bus service.

Zip code 07304

The West Side (West Bergen)

Borders Journal Square, The Hackensack River, and Greenville.

Transportation includes the Light Rail and bus service.

Zip code 07304 & 07305


Borders Bergen-Lafayette, The West Side (West Bergen), and Bayonne.

Transportation includes the Light Rail and bus service.

Zip Code 07305